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Leverage the power of anagrams

Creating anagrams regularly can enhance insight problem solving and pattern recognition skills. It also improves creativity, focus and has many other cognitive benefits. It will definitely make you smile :)

Use nAsagram to create anagrams

Interactively create long anagrams (up to 70 letters) and immerse yourself in staying sharp. With built in cloud storage, sync, search, riddles, sharing and encryption, nAsagram is both convenient and secure. No tracking cookies either.


How it works


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8 Letters
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Your Phrase


Sharper You

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10 Letters


Welcome to nAsagram!

This is an interactive web-app for creating anagrams (a.k.a jumble words).

  1. You can create, save and share anagrams using nAsagram.
  2. All anagrams are saved on the cloud with encryption.
  3. You can share your anagrams or an anagram riddle to your contacts using your existing messaging apps, social media apps, photo gallery or email.

Once you have subscribed, please click on 'Demo' button on 'App Screen' for a sample simulation.

Have fun!

What is an Anagram?

A word, phrase, or sentence formed from another by rearranging its letters. Following are some examples:

Angel <=> Glean

Heart <=> Earth

Angel Heart <=> Teal Hanger

Your Phrase <=> Sharper You

nAsagram <=> Anagrams

Following are some benefits of creating anagrams:

  • Enhanced problem solving skills
  • Better vocabulary
  • Idea generation
  • Find new meaning in familiar phrases
  • Discover content on the Internet (like songs, movies, technical knowledge etc.).
  • It is highly likely to generate smiles as well :)

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